June 21, 2009


I guess the best way to show off our vacation is just to start from the beginning! We went to Seattle 2 days earlier than the rest of the family because we wanted to see the city. Our flight was cancelled, but let's just say it was just a minor set back because we hopped on a later flight just one hour later (although I was stressed out by that point). Arriving to Seattle was no issue and I braved the plane pregnant like a real Trooper along side with my handy-dandy barf bag.

It was cool in Seattle that evening, definately not shorts/tshirt weather but oh well.

We got up extra early in the morning and dashed off to meet the rest of our party and the big luxury bus we took to Mt. Rainier National Park, which was fabulous. Did I mention the fabulous part? Everything about it was breathtaking. The mountains, the snow, the scenery, the water, the rocks, the smells and the animals. We spend 10 long hours there even though it only seemed like a short afternoon. By the time we got back, we were pooped and all we had time was to eat dinner at a Korean BBQ.

Check out the pictures yourself!

David Resting

Oldest tree in the forest

Nursing Log for other trees

David and another very old tree cut down many years ago by the logging industry

Olga and Bambi




Many feet of snow

David mailing postcards home

Lunch at top of Mt Rainier


Mt Rainier

Waterfall Dropoff

David drinking spring water

Rainbow at the Waterfall

David at a Waterfall

Fallen Logs

Us with Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier

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