July 20, 2009

Glaciers at last! (Series 1 of 2)

The float plane picked us up and off we went into the sky. This excursion was a substitute to our mushing excursion (since it got cancelled because of heavy fog). But nonetheless, we did not regret going to see the glaciers. Here is a brief excerpt of what we saw.

The glaciers are remnants of the Ice Age making up the Juneau Icefields 1,500 square miles of solid ice. We saw the imposing faces, deep crevasses and azure blue melt water pools of the Norris, Hole-In-The-Wall, East and West Twin Glaciers and the Mighty Taku. Of the Icefields 36 named glaciers, the Taku Glacier, five miles wide at its base, is the only glacier not retreating (it's actually advancing)!

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