June 05, 2010

7 months old!

On June 4th, we turned 7 months old! Wow! Have we met any progress? Why yes we have, thanks for asking. Here is a list of the items we eat and love and in order that we started to eat them.

* Cereal
* Bananas
* Sweet peas
* Green Beans
* Butternut squash
* Golden sweet potatoes
* Carrots
* Squash
* Peaches
* Applesauce
We also enjoy cereal puffs and even have 2 visible (and very sharp) teeth, pictures to come!

We can also independently sit and can almost crawl. I bet by next weekend we will be traveling the world (living room by method of crawling).

Check out our progress in 7 months!

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What a cutie, stay smiling!