July 05, 2007

A Fabulous Day!

Even though my day began super early (6:00am, so much for sleeping in) it was fantastic...

I made my early run to the store at 6:20 to get David some gatorade for his 2 jobs that he worked yesterday (Hurrican Harbor and Firewheel Fireworks in Garland) and then came home to make cinnamon rolls for some of the troopers that were coming by the house before work...

Then I dashed to Allen to see my sister/brother in law and the baby....Speaking of baby, I could not resist so here is another picture! The baby is so funny, he smiles like an Angel....No to mention, I swear that he said Mama yesterday....I know that he does not know what he is saying but it was special even though it was in baby mumbles.....

I left my sisters and went over to my friend Monyka's house (Monyka #1, for those of you who know the difference)....Ahhhhh......pizza on 4th of July......what more can a girl ask for? We were going to go to a steak house but Mexico was playing Chili(football for us foreigners and soccer for all the rest) and we had to get our priorities straight so we just stayed at home........

Then came time for fireworks...What an event...We went to Firewheel Mall in Garland to watch the festivities and what festivities they were! :) SheDaisy was there performing live, the fireworks (were late) but nonetheless they were GRRRRRREAT! Much thought and funds went into those and I appreciated that....Those definately do not even compare to City of Forney's fireworks....Dave worked traffic control so I got to see him a couple of times....Of course the parking situations and get of out parking situation was not as smooth as the event however, it is nothing to dwell over! I got home around midnight and crashed!

Needless to say my day was great and I hope everyone had a great 4th! Ahhhhhh....and now I must get back to reality and work!

Laters People!
Olga Foster


Aleksandra said...

Thank you for coming in and seeing us, it was fun!
The lunch that you cooked was just great.
I want to know in details how you cooked it, you post it here, so everyone can know what kind of chef you are!
Sasha misses you, so come back and take David with you!

Monyka said...

We loved having you over, even if it was for pizza. we'll have to go to the steak house some other time. I agree with you, the fireworks were GREAT! except for the whole parking situations but thanks to Ahin, you little behinds had somewhere to rest!