July 20, 2007

Hello Everyone! I hope everyone's Friday has been fabulous!

Not many news are happening here! I am at work and today has been extremely stressful. My clients are literally eating me for lunch today! But....there is light at the end of the tunnell. I have overcome all my problems today and everything is now OK. But I do have a parting gift from my clients....a headache!

Tomorrow is my moms garage sale! she is going to try and sell her furniture! Her house is starting to look really great...Check out my sisters blog, she has many neat pictures there...My dad has done a terrific job laying down hardwood floors by himself, and my mom has been his helper. David and I are getting their large blue recliner since it would not match their decor anymore! I think we are going to put it in our bedroom..

Dave leaves Sunday to Austin. I am sad b/c he is leaving and I will be lonely but I am exciting because this knowledge is very important to his career...I am also glad that he is already packed...I felt a bit OCD last Sunday and packed him just in case my week got busy...and guess what....it got busy but not to worry! He is packed and ready to go!

Beans is doing well! She is on a diet right now! The kind where we do not feed her table scarps....will I be able to keep from feeding her table scraps? I don't know but I am trying...Everytime I feel compelled to give her something, I give her a carrott instead.

Elvis has got this new thing where he likes to go out into the garage at night and stay there. In the morning, when we let him in, he screams bloody murder ( I know he is probably cursing me) but I try to get that fat tub of lard in the house before I got to bed but he refuses! :)

Mimi, my friend Laura's cat, is coming for a week visit on Sunday...I hope Mimi gets along with Elvis..She already loves beans but elvis might be a separate story..I am sure the 4 of us will have a great week together...

That is all folks
Love you all



Laura said...

LOL! Elvis is too funny! Mimi says hi!

Monyka said...

sounds like you had a very eventful week. hope all is well now!


how was garage sale?