July 11, 2007

Wow, can it get any busier at all?

Since the beginning of the week, I have been spending my work and non work hours in Irving training with the best of the best in sales (specifically high end technology). Cisco systems has created an amazing programs called Sales Masters to train their Premier and Gold Partners how to best battle sales objections....yes, you probably thinking, "Well...it can't be that hard! Right?"

I have been in sales for 3 years (that is not too long of a time) however it is long enought to understand that I do not sell boxes, I sell solutions! I sell telephone systems that interact with your main databases and literally 'become alive' at a touch of the button....these are voip systems with third party programming....that is not to say that i only sell phone systems....very untrue....i sell everything has to to do with your network or your voice....i am your firewall, router, switch, server, audit and voice girl! :)

To make the story short, I've been interrogated and recorded (several times a day) by my team members and my live presentations with a real CEO. My tapes have been watched, dissected and critiqued (constructively)...Not only has this been very nervous few days but also intense b/c my focus as a sales manager is not to push boxes, but to become and advisor to a company and sell complete solutions...

We let loose a bit last night when Cisco Systems picked up our meal and bar tab at Three Forks (fabulous steakhouse). I had grilled salmon with jack daniels sauce and some great wine....I came home to only crash in my bed.....

As a professional, I have certainly grown in a way I did not expect to...This training is amazing...Truly....

It is definately worth the $8500 that they charge for it...Ofcourse, my kind boss picked up the tab!

Well, i better go pay some bills since those don't pay themselves!

Love you all


Aleksandra, Philippe and Alexandre Philippe said...

wow, you sound so profoundly smart, i just don't know those big words :-)
It's great you are loving it

Susan said...

Tag...you're it!