July 13, 2007


Normally, I don't mind working out of the office, my days usually carry on as normal as long as I have my cell phone and laptop...This time this was different...My wireless refused to work for the past week and I was helpless....which made me realize how much email means to my business and my customer service!

I came back to work today to about 200 emails....I've been regularly checking my emails when I came home from training but not answering all, but did answer what I could.....I am finding myself trying to catch up to something that almost seems impossible....However, I know there always is light at the end of the tunnel and I will continue to look for that light switch!

On a better note, a much brighter one! I did great at my training....It was certainly worth the time...I grew not only as an individual but as a professional!
I realized last night of how much of this training I can apply to life and daily communication....I realized what mistakes I make in my communication with friends and family and why sometimes it is difficult.....I also figured out a few ways to fix it....I shall begin practicing shortly!

Anyway, I came out of my training $75 richer...I won a Best Buy card...how cool!

I am looking forward to this weekend and resting some! I hope everyone takes some time off and enjoys this sunny weather....who knows, it might not be here tomorrow!


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Laura said...

I'm so proud of you (aww....tear). You deserve a BIG gold star for your accomplishments this week!\