June 16, 2008

The new week is definately Welcomed!

Whew! Last week has been insane. Between being gone two days out of town, to catching up at work to having car trouble! Friday night, Derek and I finally decided to relax and get some dinner but NO! I had car trouble...minor...but nonetheless car trouble. My trunk would not close! Yes, it opened but the latch of the trunk was getting caught on something so it would not close. Thanks to Mark and Monica, they pretty much got me out of that pickle.
BTW, the car is fixed now and all is well.

David is still gone and I am starting to really miss him, I am noticing myself getting a bit irritated and grouchy because he is not here.

Fathers day came and gone. Had a nice time! Hope everyone did also!

Well, better get back to work...It is a monday!


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