June 10, 2008

Packing Tips

Summer is here and I know everyone is taking vacations here and there. Even if you are not vacationing, many of us have occasional business travel. With American Airlines' new baggage rules, I found this article from WFAA and thought it was usuful. It gives a few tips on how to pack efficiently and not have to pay AA for that 2nd bag.

WFAA.com June 10th

First make a list of everything you need for your trip and then edit that list down the bare minimum. Now you’re ready to travel light.

Start by rolling up your shirts into a tube shape to cut down on the space they’ll take up.

Lay your nice shirts down first, so they wrinkle the least, and fold the arms into the middle. Next, do the same with T-shirts, and then roll them into a cylinder. You can do the same with pants.

Shoes are a bag killer. Wear one pair and pack one more pair, no more. Sorry ladies.

As for toiletries, dump the bulky dop kit. Bring only the essentials and put them in a plastic bag so they don’t leak.

There are companies that will come to your house and ship your bag to your destination.

Unfortunately, one-way service starts at around $90. You can do yourself for less, but it's not nearly as convenient.


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