September 28, 2008

NOCC 5K (Ovarian Cancer)

My company has several Ovarian Cancer Survivors and one of them formed a team this year (as she has in the last 8 years)for the Ovarian Cancer Awareness purposes. She forms a team every year and they walk the 5K around Grapevine (Baylor Regional Hospital @ Grapevine). This was a 5K Walk/Run. As you can see we took a group picture. About 1/2 of us work for NEC, the other 1/2 are family and friends that came to support us. 3 of us Ran the 5K and the rest walked.

Here were my results. 117th Overall (2000 walkers and runners), 48th female to finish and 9th in my age group. 32 Minutes and 4 Seconds.

(I am on the far right, black shorts)


Челита said...

Оленька! Ты - молодец.
И я тебя узнала.


well done!

Челита said...

Что-то Оля мне давно не пишет... Я так и английский забуду.

Laura said...

YAY!!! Good job! :D I hope you are recovering from it well!