September 28, 2008

Please Pray!

My little nephews' fever is back. Please pray for him. He has not had a very good month this month. He has been under the weather and needs a break from being sick. My sister and brother in law need a major break and some rest themselves! Please keep him in his thoughts!



katrin said...

Оль, какая ты умничка! каждый день у тебя что-то интересное ,все успеваешь, я не том что свой блог не обновляю, почему-то времени просто посмотреть даже нет:(((

Laura said...

Definitely will, is he doing better, now?


no Laura he is not doing better and thank you
I just want him to be better again, its starting to get to me, because I feel guilty that I cant make it better for him
went to sleep with fever , tones of meds, an allergic reaction, pretty good rash...when it rains it poors