July 16, 2007

(Hey Laura, I came across this today, I love this picture! So I posted it!) HeHe!
Howdy Everyone! Hope everyone is having a great monday!

Today has been a fast paced day..I am still catching up from being out last week. Which makes me not look forward to coming back to work once i take my 8 day long vacation! YUK!

I try not to make any plans for monday nights because mondays are always mysterious and my plans never stick...However, today i am going to make sure that our 'office' work is done!

Hang up rug on wall
Take out old furniture from the office
Decide and purchase curtains.....for my window.....did i mention it is another 95 inch window? I hate those!

Other than that! We are just going to have dinner and vegge out the remainder of the night! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Last night, around 11:10pm, all power got knocked out in Forney...Fun! I am getting slightly tired of this since these outages have literally been monthly occurances. :(


Laura said...

LOL! That picture is hilarious! I can't believe you posted, LOL!
With all you wrote today, I surely do hope you get to relax tonight...:o)
Love ya!


Why do you hate 95 inch windows?
Did you vegge out?
I hope you are doing well today. I am still a little sad and a bit tired. Conflicts weigh me down.
I wish I could go and see that house in Carrollton again. I miss it.
My baby was so cute this morning.
He is perfectly lovable.