July 15, 2007


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and got to relax a bit. I sure did, even though I worked a lot this weekend... Dave and I pretty much were care free, except now I am paying for it....I decided, after I wrote my previous blog, that I was skipping all my house chores...That was a mistake!

I came home thinking I was going to vacuum and instead I am watching TV...Bad, bad Olga!

I am slightly sad because one of my neighbors (directly across the street) is moving out! She started to move out on Sat morning and they are taking their last load right now...She (a single mom) can no longer afford the house on her own...Off to an apt she goes...! I am glad she is in high spirits even though this is not a good situation to be in...It opened up my eyes a bit and puts my life back into perspective and grounds me (or at least helps me stay grounded)...They say that it is always better to learn on other peoples mistakes....I agree!


Laura said...

I love the picture of your mom and Beans! So cute! On another note...bad Olga, very bad Olga...you should do your chores...who am I to talk,lol! Glad to hear you got some time to relax!
Love ya!


It is a great posting as always. Great pic of mom and Beans. Where was it? At your place?